Video - Direct download

When video files are uploaded to a website they are often transcoded or converted into other formats for viewing online or for download on different devices. Usually the transcoded file is different from the original file that was uploaded. There is an option to offer the original version of the video files for download.

First, choose the Upload and name files tab, scroll down to the Media library, and then choose the video file that is desired to be offered in its original format. On the Media product page that follows scroll down to the bottom where it says How should your media be made available to site visitors and their devices? Choose Offer this product only in the formats I choose. For M4V and MOV files there is a "preformatted, unaltered" option. If you select that and then save the settings, those video files will be available for download in their original forms.

M4V options

MOV options

MP4 files are not transcoded/converted so they are already available for download in their original forms so nothing needs to be changed.

MP4 Options