Upload and name files

You can add pictures, videos, documents, music or audio, text, apps, and banner images to your website. See list of supported file types.

Important: There is file size limit for uploading a single file:
Using the green"Upload files" button as well as the "Alternative file manager" upload option are limited to 100 MB per single file.

If you want to upload a file, which is bigger than that, please use the FTP option.
Please click the "My account" link to see all necessary details.
If details are are not listed there, please contact your implementation manager so that he enables your acount to use FTP.
You will require a client program on your computer that is capable of using FTPES (FTP with explicit TLS/SSL). We recommend using FileZilla.

  1. Click on the Upload and name files tab.
  2. Click the green button next to Step 1: Click to upload files to begin. Forbidden characters in media filenames are # ` / \ ; and ? You may also use the Alternative file manager by clicking on the Alternative file manager button or link.

    Upload and name files tab

    Upload and name files - Step 1

    Upload Queue

    Upload and name files - Step 1B

  3. A new screen will open allowing you to browse your computer for the files you want to upload. Select the files you want to upload (you may select multiple files) and click Open. The selected files will be automatically loaded to the Website Builder System. After ALL of the files are uploaded to our system the files will appear in Step 2. Click to add media to your library.

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT navigate away from this screen. Any pending uploads will be canceled. You may open a separate browser tab and work on other parts of your site.

    Note: Step 2 and Step 3 will not show files until media is available for processing.

  4. Next, give each file a title so that visitors will know what it is. Under Step 2. Click to add media to your library, click on add to media library next to the file you want to process.

    Media list

    Upload and name files - Step 2

  5. You will be directed to a new page where you can title your file in each navigation language. You may also enter index reference tag information for your file.

    Optionally, index reference tags may be selected from the drop down menu next to book. Reference tags include individual books of the Bible and sets of other material (Songs Set, Video Set, Talk Set, Document Set, etc.) If you want to use Canonical References, you may enter that information here.

    Check file contents, enter title, and select book/category

    Upload and name files - Step 2B

  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Your file will appear under Step 3 (in the Media Library).

    Media Library

    Upload and name files - Step 3

  9. Confirm that you have selected the correct file for upload by checking the "original filename."
  10. Confirm that the system has correctly detected the type of file (text, audio, video).

    NOTE: To make corrections to individual files, click on the Title of the file, make desired changes, and Save.

  11. OPTIONAL: To add media tags (audio, songs, stories, text) to multiple files, 1) click the box next to desired files and 2) choose an action from the drop down menu. Then, 3) click GO. You may assign files to an existing group or create a new group tag.

    Media tag example

    Upload and name files - Step 3B