Language setup - Translate basic phrases

Here you translate a few phrases such as download, mp3, video, etc. into your publication language. Four sections of phrases must be translated and may be accessed by clicking on the section name (Media icon labels, Download sizes, Contact form, Miscellaneous).

Follow the on-screen instructions and provide the appropriate translation in the boxes to the right of the phrases.

  1. Click on the Translate basic phrases button under the Language Setup tab to perform website localization.
    Translate basic phrases tab
    Language setup - Translate basic phrases tab

    1. The column on the left is labeled Original text. This lists the text that will appear on your site that needs translation into your publication language. (By default, the Original text appears in English. To change this language, please contact your Implementation Manager.)
      Basic phrase list: click on arrows to translate; original text in English (changable) in left column, translation in publication language in right column
      Language setup - Translate basic phrases list

    2. The column on the right is labeled Translation. This is the translated version of the text from the left column.
  2. Click on the title Media icon labels and translate text.
  3. Click on the title Download sizes and translate text.
  4. Click on the title Contact form and translate text.
  5. Click on the title Miscellaneous and translate text.
  6. Click Save.