Software to consider

This is a list of some of the software available for us to use. Many of these are free. Be sure you download them from the creator's site or from a relaible source. (cnet, SourceForge, and Brothersoft are usually good.)

Video conversion software

SUPER by eRIght

Lots of settings, the defaults to mp3 work well. For mp4 be sure you chcek the size if he image. (Free)

VCD conversion

Ultimate VCD Ripper


PDF to JPG conversion


Online conversion works well if your other software does not have this ability.

Presentation software


Pleasant presentations that you make on their site and then embed the link in your site. (Free for 30 days.)

WORD to pdf converter

Primo pdf

Print to pdf using this. (Free)

Picture conversion software

FastStone Image Viewer

Resample/Resize to 400 X 300 works well.

Crop for banner

For video editing we can recommend Magix Video deluxe. It is very user friendly, offers many possibilities at a very reasonable price. (more information needed.)