Website setup - Site themes

Themes change the way your website looks, especially your website's menus and media presentation. Some themes put your menu down the side of your website; other themes put your menu across the top of the page.

Themes also affect a few other details:

  • In your side menu, do you want all the pages displayed as a full menu (recommended) or a short menu showing only your menu tabs (your pages will appear as pop-up menus if the mouse points to the main item)?
  • Which way do you want your media items being displayed on each page: as clickable icons with text or only text (compact media listing)?
  • Themes do not change the color of your website. You can change your website's color on the Site appearance page.

You can change your theme anytime you want; before or after you finish your site.

  1. Under the Website set up page click the Site themes button.

    Website setup - Site themes Tab
    Website setup - Site themes Tab

  2. Select a radio button under Desktop theme.

    Theme options
    Website setup - themes

  3. Select a radio button under Mobile theme. The mobile theme is only effective for simple feature phones (see note below).

After you choose a theme, go to the Site appearance page and choose a color scheme.

To see what your site looks like with the theme you have chosen, preview your site by going to Add or edit pages and clicking Request preview URL. To see your mobile theme, visit your site from a mobile device.

Note: All themes are "responsive". That means they detect the screen size of a device and automatically adjust the layout so that it fits the screen size. Smart phones like Android or iPhones present the normal desktop themes, adjusted to their screens. Mobile phones with very small screens receive a special theme with a simplified layout.