Share a preview of your site with other people

You can preview any of your pages by clicking its title on "Add or Edit pages", but this tutorial will tell you how to create a temporary public preview that you can share with others who are not logged in

To Create a Preview Website:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the three-letter abbreviation for your language. This will take you to “Add or edit pages”
  3. Click “Request Preview URL” and this takes you to “Temporary domain for site”
  4. If you see “Existing temporary domain for this site”, click on the link below it to preview your website. It will look something like this
  5. If you see “No preview domain defined”, click on the button below to create one. This will return you to “Add or edit pages”.
  6. After “Add or edit pages” reloads you will see a green link like this for a few moments near the top of the page. Click it or copy it to share with someone else. You can also find this link on the Overview page under the Language set up tab and by repeating steps 3 and 4.
  7. When you are finished looking at your "preview site" use the back button (one or more times) to get back to

This preview link lasts for just a few days. This keeps Google from indexing your content and others from finding it before you're ready to publish your site.

After the link expires, you can click "Request preview URL" to create a new one as often as you like