Release 3.4 (July 2013)

Table of contents


Improvement of the feedback form
You can have a link for your site visitors to click enabling them to send a comment to you. In the past, this was available on no pages or all pages. Now, this is available for no pages or all pages, set by you, or one or more pages set by us.

Ask you Implementation Manager in case you like to use this new feature.

Multiple non-standard fonts
Often a language requires a script that is not available in fonts on a standard web browser. We have had a solution for this for quite some time. However, now it is possible to have multiple non-standard fonts to support several scripts on a particular site, or a combination of standard and non-standard fonts.

Ask you Implementation Manager in case you like to use this new feature.

Direct media links
The site visitor can go to pages to view, read, listen to, download, etc. various media. Now you can link to that same media directly from the text on any page in your site.

You can find a step-by-step-guide and detailled information here.

Improved alternative file manager
Alternative file manager... has been improved. Our system has multiple ways to upload files. The easiest and most common method is the green plus sign. Another, faster, method uses a “ftp system”. A third approach is using the “Alternative file manager”. This third approach has been improved.
Improved text editor
When you create a page you write text, usually in multiple languages. This is done in the CKEditor. We have upgraded this to the most recent version. This will in particular improve your experience if you use the Chrome browser and you like to copy and paste content from a word processor.
Automated URL endings
When you create a page in the system it uses a “URL ending”. This has been automatically generated as a number or you could manually change that to text you entered. Now, that text is automatically added, based on the title of your page. Of course, you still can set your manual URL ending if you want to.
Here you can find detailed information how to use this new feature.

We can automatically convert all of your existing numerical URL endings to text if you request it.

Customised favicons
In your browser you have tabs for each website you are viewing. In each of these tabs is the name of the site page and a little icon called "favicon".
Now you can change that to one that is specific to your site.

good to know:

1. an icon file named favicon.ico uploaded to the web builder site will be used as a favicon for the site.

2. as an icon editor we recommend which is free and very quick to use

3. when you replace your favicon.ico, the new version might not be displayed for a while due to browser caching mechanisms.

Feel free to address yourself to your Implementation Manager if you have questions.

Order of navigation languages
Your site, generally, has one Publication language and one or more additional Navigation languages. These language selector tabs appear at the top of each page your site visitor views. You can now select the order that these languages appear.

Each row, representing a navigation language, can be moved up or down in the list by dragging the crosshair symbol. As usual, the Save button must be pressed in order for the reordering to take effect.

New file types
There are many files types which you can up load for your visitors to view or download. We just added PowerPoint (both .ptt and .pptx) to this list.
Security updates
Another change that you won’t see, but helps you anyway, is a few security updates.
Working in highly security conscious areas
We also have a few features for Web Content Keepers working in highly security conscious areas. If that is you let us know.