Planning your website before you start

Before you start building your website, take a few minutes to plan how you will organize your site so that visitors can easily access your content.

  1. Make a list of all of the information and downloadable content you want on your website.

    Your website can support written text, video, audio (voice or music), pictures, links, apps, banner images, and documents.

  2. Group these items into categories and give each group a name.

    Each group will become a page on your new website. Your site can have as many pages as you want. Every page will need a name to tell visitors what they can find there.

    Example page names include: [Language Name] Music, [Language Name] Movies, Injil, Scriptures, Holy Books, and [Language Name] Downloads.

    Each page can support a variety of content. For example, an About [Language Name] page may have only brief text and a picture. A page entitled Genesis Movie may contain an entire group of files to download or stream.

  3. Number your pages in the order you want them to appear on your site.

Planning your website notes

Planning your website