PDF - Reading and Downloading

Your website may have PDF files for the visitor to read or download. When the site is live and the visitor selects View PDF, the system opens Google reader, allowing the visitor to read online. If the visitor selects Download PDF, the system offers the file for download and then your browser takes over. It may ask the visitor to open a reader or download it.

If you want to allow the visitor to choose which PDF reader to use, then you change the settig for that PDF from PDF pages to PDF pages (download only). This allows only downloading with the choice of open or save and never goes to the Google reader.

This is also helpful in countries where the Google reader is not allowed. For example China blocks Google and therefore viewing a PDF will not work.

Since the View PDF link will not work on a non-public site, to see it in action you can copy this URL into your browser:

Here is how to change that setting.

  1. Go to Upload and name files.
  2. In Step 3, Media Files, select the PDF file you want set for download only.
  3. Click on the title to open the Media product page.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and highlight the button labeled Offer this product only in the formats I choose:
  5. This is the default offering:
  6. Now uncheck PDF pages and check PDF pages (download only). It will look like this.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The media selection will not offer View PDF but will only offer Download PDF. It will look like the lower file here (NIV Text Mark 10)

or like this:

or this: