This section of the helpsite contains information for Implementation Managers.
These pages are only accessible with at least IM permissions.

1. IM administration work
Create MLSP Account for WCK - choose correct roles
Creating a new site
Define user's access to sites
Renaming an existing site
Deletion of whole sites
Restricted access to a site
Approve localisation
Tech support issues email notification
Administration links
2. Release information
Release 3.3 (since February 2013)
Release 3.4 (since July 2013)
Release 4.0 alpha (since February 2014)
3. When a site goes live
Analytics - to set up
4. Language and localisation
Fallback language
Interface language
Resetting localisations
Approve localisation
5. Miscellaneous
"Background" issue
All files are shown on this page
BAM Business as Mission
FCBH Streaming
FileZilla for large transfers
Slideshow - Advanced Settings information
Favicons for IMs
Set up an image Gallery
Fixing a missing HOME PAGE
Site for an existing language
Setting up a Google Adwords campaign