Website setup - Menu tabs

Menu tabs help keep your website organized. Menus appear at the top or side of your site, and visitors click on them to navigate the different pages on your site. If you have a simple website with only six or seven pages, you should make one menu tab for each page. If you have many pages on your website, categorize your pages and make one menu tab for each category. You will list the pages on your site underneath the menu tabs you create.

  1. In the Website Setup tab, click the Menu tabs button.

    Website setup - Menu tabs highlighted

    Website setup - Menu tabs

  2. The far left column shows the publication and navigation language(s) for your site.

    Menu tabs page - publication and navigation language names on left as well as text boxes for menu tab names highlighted

    Website setup - Tab names in site languages

  3. The next column is the name for the “home” page in each language. Some just use “Home”. However, others use something more descriptive to increase the position of the site in search engines.

    Ask your Implementation Manager for more details about Search Engine Optimization.

  4. The next column is for your next tab, and so on.
  5. Click Save.

Sample tabs

Website setup - Sample tabs