Media names for FCBH files

When FCBH files are added to the Media Library, you are not asked to assign a title to each file, as you are when adding other files to the library. The FCBH files have embedded names (book of the Bible and chapter number) which normally display properly when the files are added to a webpage, without having to give titles to the files in the Media Library. Under certain circumstances (explained below), the FCBH filenames may not display properly on a webpage, and the files may not play.

Case 1. File titles do not exist in the publication language, so the titles are displayed in the fallback language or interface language.

In this case, the files will play properly (audio in the publication language), but the file titles may be hard or impossible to understand for site visitors using only the publication language.

Go to workpage "Language setup" -> "Book titles, numbers & symbols". In the blank spaces next to Bible book names (shown in your interface language), type in the names in the publication language which you wish to display on a webpage. Save your work.

When the page is displayed in the publication language, the book titles should now be correcty shown in the publication language.

Case 2. Gif icons don't exist to replace file titles.

Also on workpage "Language setup" -> "Book titles, numbers & symbols", immediately above the "Substitutions table", there is a small button with small writing which says "Use .gif icons instead of words". Clicking on this button will insert a gif filename in each blank space below (example: GEN.gif will appear next to "Genesis"). If these files do not exist among your image files, the FCBH filenames will not display and the files will not play. If you have clicked the gif button by mistake, you will need to delete or replace all of the "*.gif" names that were inserted.