Language setup - Other settings

  1. In the Language setup tab, click the Other settings button.

    Other settings tab selected
    Language setup - Other settings tab

  2. Under the title Fallback language: click the down arrow and select the language that will show on the website in the event text needs displaying and it is not available in your publication or navigation languages.

    Fallback language is the language the system uses if no other language is available and default home page language is the default language shown on your home page. If the sort order option is available choose your preferred sort order.
    Language setup - Fallback and sort order

  3. Under the title Default home page language: click the down arrow an select the name of the language a site visitor will have when he first comes to your site. (Sometimes the visitor's browser setting will override this setting.)
  4. If your site does not need a language of its own but uses one of the available interface languages then the Site without an associated language option may be checked. See the No associated language site page for more information.
  5. Click Save.