Language setup - Navigation languages

Upon your first login, you will be directed to the Navigation languages page under the Language setup tab.

Language setup - Navigation language Tab screenshot
Language setup - Navigation languages tab

Follow the on-screen instructions to choose your site's navigation languages and assign names for your publication language in each of the navigation languages.

*Publication language: The primary language of the materials on your site, sometimes referred to as the vernacular or mother tongue.

**Navigation language: You may translate the introductory text on your site into several languages. This is helpful for users of the site who cannot read the publication language but do read a language of wider communication.

  1. The left column is titled In these languages... Using the down arrow in the Add new navigation language box select the languages you want to choose as navigation languages.

    Language setup - Navigation language selection
    Language setup - Navigation language selection

  2. The right column is titled is called where xyz is the name of the publication language. In these boxes enter how you spell your publication language in the navigation language shown in the left column.

    Language setup - Navigation language Translation.jpg
    Language setup - Navigation language translation

  3. You may change the order of the navigation languages by clicking on the cross to the left of the language and dragging it around so the languages are in the desired order.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To delete a language remove the entry listed on the right side under the is called and click Save.