Images - Inserting, thumbnails and image links

An image can be inserted into a page using the Image properties button (circled below).

On the Image Info tab of the Image Properties dialog box that opens, an image can be chosen by clicking on the Browse Server button, selecting the image desired in the File Browser that appears, and then clicking Insert file.

Image Properties - Image Info tab


If the image is large, a thumbnail can be created instead and linked to the larger image. Within the File Browser window there is a Thumbnails button that provides three thumbnail size options, Small, Medium, and Large.

File Browser - Thumbnails box

After selecting the desired image, choosing a size, and clicking Create thumbnails, a new image is created with small_, medium_, or large_ affixed to the beginning of the image name. Then click Insert file.

Image Linking

To create a link to the original larger image, click on the Link tab. Then click the Browse Server button again, choose the original file (i.e., without the small/medium/large prefix). Finally, click OK.

Image Properties - Link tab

There should now be a thumbnail of the desired image on the page. Clicking on the image will load the original larger image in the same window.