Image Editing with IrfanView

A simple method for resizing images which are already uploaded is explained here.

This tutorial will explain how to resize an image for use as a banner using the program IrfanView. The principles though, can be used to resize an image for most purposes and programs.

Download and install IrfanView.

Open IrfanView.


Click on the File menu and choose Open... (or press O).

File menu with Open... option selected

Find the file you want on your computer, select it, and click on Open.

Open dialog box

Rice field image opened

Click on the Image menu and choose Resize/Resample... (or press Ctrl+R).

Image menu with Resize/Resample... option selected

Set the new size. For a banner, set the width to 960, the height will adjust automatically when the Preserve aspect ratio option is checked (which is normally what we want).

Resize dialog box with new size and preserve aspect ratio options highlighted

Now create a box around the portion of the image that you wish to use. Do this by clicking on a part of the image and holding the mouse button down until a cross appears. Drag the mouse around to create a box. Go to an edge of the box until a two-headed arrow appears and drag the box edges to adjust the box to the desired width and height (960 x 200 for a banner). You can see the size of your selection box in the title bar at the top of IrfanView.

Click on the Edit menu option and choose Crop Selection (or press Ctrl+Y).

Edit menu with Crop selection option selected

Now your image should be resized and cropped to the proper dimensions.

Click on the File menu and choose Save (original folder) (or press Ctrl+S).

File menu with Save option selected

Enter a new file name in the box File name: and click on Save.

Save dialog