1. Implementation manager: This is your primary contact at Kalaam Media. They handle everyday technical questions and serve as a go-between on behalf of the rest of the Kalaam team.
  2. Director of Client Services: This is the contact person for questions about what would be appropriate on Scripture Publication sites. Their primary responsibilities encompass the oversight of everything that goes onto a site.
  3. Web Content Keeper: If you are reading this document, this is probably your role. The Web Content Keeper is the primary person responsible for uploading content and assembling the pages of the site.
  4. URL: This is also called the website name or the web address.
  5. Publication language: This is what we call the primary language of the materials on your site, sometimes referred to as the vernacular or mother tongue.
  6. Navigation language: You may translate the introductory text on your site into several languages. This is helpful for users of the site who cannot read the publication language but do read a language of wider communication.
  7. Localize: We use this word to refer to customizing the site to fit your group. It includes translation, images, colors, and layout. You will be required to translate a few phrases such as: download, mp3, video, etc. into your publication language. Some messages (such as error messages) may appear very infrequently on your site and are optional for translation.
  8. Fallback language: This is the language the site will use to display text you have not translated. Several languages currently offered for fallback.
  9. Public Areas: We use this phrase to refer to any page on your site that a visitor will see.
  10. Site Map: A site map is a simple listing of every page on your site. It shows which page is linked to which other page.
  11. Internal Link: This is a link from one place in your site to another place in your site.
  12. External Link: This is a link from one place in your site to another site, either a Kalaam Media site or something else.