Getting ready to go live

Here are items to be done before a site can go 'live' where it can be accessed by the public. These are not necessarily sequential, depending on the situation some of these can be worked on simultaneously.

  • Audit of work on the site using audit checklist

    The Implementation Manager reviews sitework.

  • Confirm Copyright documentation requirements satisfied

    The Implementation Manager will confirm with the Director of Client Servcies that copyright requirements are satisfied.

  • Select and acquire URL(s)

    The Website Manager with the help of the minority language team team suggest a URL. The Implementation Manager confirms its availability and forwards the order to the Director of Client Services. When the URL is acquired and registered the Implementation Manager will make sure it is pointed to the 'Under Construction' page. When it is time to press the 'Approve language site' button the Implementation Manager will make sure the URL is pointed to the new site.

  • Secure Digital Publishing Coordinator Approval

    When the site is ready the Implementation Manager will ask the Director of Client Services to get approval from the Digital Publishing Coordinator (or equivalent) responsible for the language.

  • (Optional) Offer a dedication ceremony

    The Implementation Manager can offer a dedication ceremony for the Website Manager and minority language team. Often this is a Skype conference call with a time of prayer and 'pushing the button'.