FCBH Streaming for the Website Manager

We are able to stream audio from Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH). This requires some setup by an Implementation Manager (IM). Also needed is the language code for FCBH. Contact your Implementation Manager for help to get this feature added to your site.

Using FCBH will raise the amount of media on your website rapidly. So maybe the article "Handling a large number of media files" is also helpful for you if you are interested in using FCBH.

Also, if your FCBH file titles don't display properly in the publication language, see the article "Media names for FCBH files".

Step-by-step: Getting FCBH to work on your website

Sets of FCBH items will appear on the 'Upload and name files' > 'FCBH' page after the Implementation Manager has set up the link association with FCBH. Here items can be selected and added to the Media Library using the 'Add books to Media Library' button.

Individual items from these sets will appear on 'Upload and name files'>'Site files' page in the Media Library listing. The Original filename column will have a name with .fcbh at the end. You can click on the dash in the Title column if you wish to add a title.

Individual media items can be added to a site page from the 'Edit site page' page. In the 'Add media items to page' area will be a button labled 'mlsp_fcbh audio-streaming' which opens a listing of media items when clicked.

Media items to go on the page can be selected and made available when the page is saved. Note the effect of title options.

Here's a sample of how the items are made available on the page.

If you will be making the entire New Testament (or several Bible books) available on your website, it is recommendable to use an index page. Click here for further instructions.