FCBH Index Page

To listen online to audio files of God's Word, click on the name of a book of the Bible below:







You can also click here to download the entire New Testament to your own computer.

This is an example of how to set up an index page for the audio Bible files from Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH). Each of the links above leads to a "hidden" page ("pages not included in the menu"), which keeps the website menu from getting cluttered with all the names of the books of the Bible. Each page for a specific book lists the audio files chapter by chapter. Note that these files are only accessible to listen to, not to download. This is in keeping with our agreement with Faith Comes By Hearing. FCBH files for your website should never be uploaded to the Kalaam server!

This is a sample page, showing only links to the four gospels. If you will be listing the entire New Testament, you may want to show the names of the books in a table so that they are all visible without scrolling. Here are two example websites:

Keley-i (books listed in four columns)

Achi (books listed in seven columns)