Facebook "Like" Buttons

*Risks of having a like button: Visitors to your site may naively or accidentally click your Like button, not realizing that their personal Facebook profile will be publicly associated with your Scripture site. In some cases (such as the "show Faces" option) an authority could use the like button on your page to see who visits your site.

Having a button on your Scripture site that says "People like our Scripture site" and having people put it on their Facebook profile (or wall and news feed) is good enough, but the "Like" button on your Scripture site adds counts to that Scripture site's "Fan Page" on Facebook.

Here it is from a very official-sounding source:

To configure your like and share button use the following instructions:

Use this link and copy your website doamain name into "Like Button Configurator". Click on the get code button at the bottom. Instead of using the java script code, select the iframe tab at the top and use that code. After you have copied the code, paste it into your page using the "plain text editor". Save your page and it should work.

The Facebook Like Button for Your Fan Page

If you want something a little more subtle, you can use the same Like button as you used for your website content. Just use the URL of your fan page to ensure that any likes will count as fans for your fan page.

To have a Facebook fan page:

1. You or your client needs to create a Facebook page to promote your site. After you have created the page, copy the URL for your page.

2. Create the like button. In the field 'URL to Like', delete the URL that is already filled in, and paste in the URL of your new page which you copied in the previous step.

3. Look for the blue button which says 'Get Code'. Before you click it, you may want to consider un-checking the box 'Show Friends' Faces' as some people are careful about where their Facebook profile pictures are displayed. Now click on 'Get Code' and select the iFrame option. Copy that code and paste it into the edit box for your home page (don't forget to click "Show Plain Text" before you paste in the code).