Email for a Kalaam Media website

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Information email accounts.

This account is an informational email account for a website built using Kalaam Media’s Website Builder system. The purpose of this account is to allow site visitors to securely send questions or comments to the Website Manager and be answered by someone who is monitoring the email account. It is intended for site visitor communication. Please do not use it for personal email.

When the URL for your site has been acquired (your Implementation Manager will have this status), you may suggest a name for an email account that uses the domain name. The most common in use is info; however, feel free to use a name from your language group which has the same meaning; i.e. for a domain of you might use Forward this account name request to your Implementation Manager who will let the email Administrator know of your request. When the email Administrator has created the account, instructions will be sent to you regarding setting up your email client on your PC to retrieve the email. You will also want to enter this email account in the 'For information about this site, email:' box on the 'Website setup', 'Copyright, contact, security' page.

Individual secure email accounts

Kalaam Media cannot provide individual email accounts for Website Managers at this time. We suggest searching the internet for 'secure email'.