Website setup - Copyright etc

The bottom of each page on your site has a link to your "Copyright/Contact" page. This is where visitors find information on copyright holders and how to contact you if they have questions.

You do not have to reveal any personal information on this page. If you leave the defaults in place, the copyright page will say "Kalaam Media Ltd" and the contact address will be Kalaam Media can also create a new e-mail address for you such as Please ask your Implementation Manager about this feature.

  1. Under the Website set up page, click the Copyright, contact, security tab.

    Website setup - Copyright, contact, security tab

    Website setup - Copyright, contact, security tab

  2. Under the title Contact form is a checkbox. You should select this checkbox so that visitors to your site can send comments to you from any page on your site.
  3. Under the title Copyright page information are four fields. You may leave each field left at its default setting or change it as needed.

    Contact form checkbox and copyright page text boxes highlighted

    Website setup - Contact and copyright

    1. This site is hosted by has a default setting of Kalaam Media Ltd.
    2. Host’s website sets the link for the text in the “This site is hosted by” field. You may use it to that website. By default it links back to
    3. For information about this site, email: has a default setting of If you leave this as the public email address, we will forward email from your site to your email address. Click here for information about obtaining a special email for your website.
    4. Unless noted otherwise, copyright for all materials is held by: has a default setting of Kalaam Media Ltd.
  4. Under the title Additional credits, you may add additional information.
  5. Under Security are two sections.

    Security settings

    Website setup - Security

    1. Under Filenames of downloaded files: you choose the format of the filenames for downloaded files. Full titles is the best choice in very open areas, while Obscured is better in “sensitive” areas.
    2. Under Restrict access by country are several options. Use this only with the assistance of your Implementation Manager.