Alternative file manager use

  1. Go to the Upload and name files tab.
  2. Don’t click the green plus, rather click the alternative file manager.
  3. Now click on Upload, then Browse, and select your file.

  1. Click Upload

  1. File will upload.
  2. There is a circle icon, showing you that file transfer is in process. When the icon disappears, the file upload is complete
  3. Your file now shows in the File Manager list.
  4. Return to Upload and name files and you will see your file in Step 2. (Unless it is an image, which you will find at Images ready for use on your site (xx)

Resizing images

The alternative file manager allows you to resize images which are already uploaded. Select an image, then click on Resize

Enter the desired value for the new width of the image in px (type the number only, for example 400), then click once in the field for the height. Don't enter a number, the correct height is calculated automatically so that the image is not distorted.

If the option "Create a new image" has a checkmark, a new image will be created when you click on the Resize button. If "Create a new image" is not checked, the old image will be overwritten by the resized one.

Note that this procedure is only to make images smaller. It is not possible to make images bigger with the resize option.