Writing Page Content

Page content is very important in SEO. Search engines metaphorically 'feed' off of the written text of our pages. If we include very little text on our pages, then the search engines will have very little information about your site. Sites which only have video and audio will be ranked lower even if they have the most relevant content for searches. Site builders need to write at least one paragraph for every page of their site and embed valuable and relevant search keywords into the content. When you begin writing page content, here are some basic rules to follow if possible.

Page content rules:

  1. One word, one page. Try to devote each page to a single keyword that you have chosen.
  2. The more text, the better! SEO depends on relevant content. We need to find the balance for the user experience and having enough text for SEO.
  3. Try to focus each page ONLY on one particular keyword that you are focusing on. For example, you have announced in the page title that you are talking about the Gospel of John in the 'X' language. Make sure the main focus of the content is exactly about that.
  4. Repeat the targeted keyword for that page in the article more times than other possible keywords for your site. On the flip-side, don't repeat it too much! We need the article be designed so that this keyword is the most popular on the page.

Steps to writing your page content:

  1. Pick your keyword.
  2. Write the content of the page using this keyword.
  3. Write your page title that is relevant and focused.
  4. Write a great Meta Description for the page, and include your Meta keywords.
  5. Consider linking to this page from others on your site.
  6. Find other sites who will link to this page and mention these specific keywords.