Steps to get Music from a CD onto your Website:

If you have a CD that you want to add to your website, you can use iTunes to get the music off the CD.

Steps to get Music from a CD onto your Website:

1. Download iTunes if you don't have it on your computer.
2. Tell itunes you want to create MP3 files. (You only have to do this step once)
3. Import the CD.
4. Find the files on your computer and upload them to your site.

1. Download iTunes

All Mac computers have iTunes, and most Windows users have downloaded it. You can find it (on windows) by clicking "Start" Then "All Programs" then iTunes. If you don't see it there, you can Download iTunes for free.

2. Set iTunes to create MP3 files

Here is a very nice instruction set for mac users that combines step 2. "tell iTunes to create MP3 files" and step 3. "import the CD"

Windows users can use the mac instruction set above (look for preferences under the Edit menu) or you can use these Windows instructions to change your import settings to MP3 windows those instructions have some extra information and options that you can skip.

3. Import songs from a CD

Instructions for importing songs from a CD (you can skip some of the extra options.)

Use the same instructions from step 2 but scroll down to "Import CD"

4. Find the files on your computer and upload them to your Kalaam Media website.

a. Eject the CD from your computer.

b. Click on "Music" to see the songs in your iTunes music library.

c. Find the songs you just imported. Right click on one of the songs and choose "show in Windows explorer" or "reveal in finder".

d. A folder will open with all of the MP3 files you made from that CD. Remember where to find that folder, or copy all the songs to your desktop.

e. Go to Upload and name files inside the Kalaam Media website builder. Click the Green "+" button and browse to the folder (or desktop) where you put the MP3s.

f. Double click one of the songs to upload it, or if you want to upload several files, highlight them all and click "open".

After you have uploaded the new audio files to the website builder tool, click the title of each file under the words "Step 2: click each file to add it to your media library." Give each file a title and Add it to a page on your website.

Contact your Implementation Manager if you have questions.